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And our mission, to show everyone simple, sustainable steps that help anyone to saving money, improve their standard of living, and preserve the environment.

The Clean Energy Life (TCEL) is a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping people make the switch to a clean energy life for a healthier and more sustainable future. Our mission is to give individuals the tools and resources necessary to make the switch to clean energy so that they can improve their lifestyles while also protecting the environment.

Unfortunately, many misconceptions create barriers for people willing to invest in clean energy solutions. But, thanks to new technology, adopting The Clean Energy Life has never been easier. For example, adopting The Clean Energy Life doesn’t mean giving up your car or gas appliances entirely; it could mean buying even nicer electric ones.

By promoting simple solutions and educating people on the benefits of clean energy, TCEL is encouraging people like you to level up their lifestyle into a first-world lifestyle built on clean energy.

Over time, TCEL aims to create a community of Clean Energy Lifers who have bought into The Clean Energy Lifestyle. Becoming a Clean Energy Lifer means enjoying energy independence, reducing your carbon footprint, protecting your health, and saving significant money long-term.

To accomplish our goals, TCEL’s website offers educational materials about clean energy solutions and technology, such as electrification, solar power generation, EVs, and much more, to help you get started.

So what are you waiting for? Learn how to Get Started and make the switch to become a Clean Energy Lifer.

The Clean Energy Life is not only good for the environment but also for your conscience and your wallet.

Meet the Founder

Hi, my name is Warren Evans, and I was a former nuclear engineer for over 21 years who has worked in every field of energy generation, from operations to software development. After some major epiphanies, I started The Clean Energy Life a few years ago.

Not only did I see that people were uninformed about the topic of clean energy, but they did not realize how big of a carbon footprint they were leaving. So after experiencing the financial, health, and environmental benefits of adopting green technology, I wanted to share how easy and fulfilling it was to others.

As a fellow Clean Energy Lifer, I can say that after becoming ultimately energy independent and green, I could never make the switch back to an unsustainable lifestyle. Not only does the switch feel good morally, but I’ve also noticed the difference in the air quality in my house, how much nicer of a car I drive, and how much more sustainable the products I buy are.

I feel good knowing that my family and I are safer and better protected after switching to green-efficiency products. Hopefully, I can convince you of the benefits and ease of adopting The Clean Energy Life so that we can enjoy a cleaner and more efficient future together.

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