Things you can do today to get started

Follow the steps below.  Lots of cool stuff to do you haven’t even thought of.  First, lets start with figuring out the basics.

The path to a net-zero carbon world does not need to be politicized or require massive sacrifices backward in technology.

While financial rewards are a big piece of the pie, we want to convey just how important and life-changing The Clean Energy Life can be.

That’s why we have coined the term “taking the LEEP.” But it’s not really a leap of faith. Rather, once you make the switch, you’ll ask yourself, “why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Many people like the idea of lowering their carbon footprint in theory but feel it is too impossible in practice.

Throughout this website, you’ll find that many of the changes we promote are very practical, affordable, and easy to install.

Things you can do

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