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Save money by transitioning to clean and energy-efficient technology.

Electricity and heat are the number one source of carbon emissions globally. Fortunately, breakthrough technology like solar panels and energy-efficient HVAC systems allow us to reduce our carbon emissions while cutting down on our utility bills.

Learn about the latest technology in the home energy-efficiency space, as well as tips to finance upgrades and maximize the savings of each purchase. 

Navigating the Clean Energy Transition: Expert Advice for Homeowners in New York State
By George Ware and Ken Evans Introduction New York State has established itself as a global leader in...
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7 Ways to Power Your Home with Renewable Energy Sources
When we discussed ways to reduce your home energy consumption, we talked about installing solar panels...
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The Ultimate Guide to Federal Energy Tax Credits
There tends to be a lag between new technology and adoption by the masses. Take cell phones for example....
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Home Energy Efficiency: 15 Practical Steps to Cut Emissions
Utilizing existing technologies to lower household carbon emissions and electric consumption is often...
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