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Do Electric Vehicles Offer Big Savings Over Gas Cars? Your Guide To The Cost Benefits of Automotive Electrification
THE BENEFITS of ELECTRIFICATION Series We’re challenged by the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions...
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Navigating the Clean Energy Transition: Expert Advice for Homeowners in New York State
By George Ware and Ken Evans Introduction New York State has established itself as a global leader in...
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View of silhouette of children standing in front of solar panels.
What is a Community Solar Program? Is Joining Worth It?
As the solar industry continues to boom, prices remain a huge obstacle to mass adoption.  Thankfully,...
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How Home Solar Battery Backups Support Energy Independence
While some people think they are protected from a power outage by their solar systems, they are wrong....
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The Introductory  Guide to Home Energy Monitors
Understanding where your carbon emissions come from is an essential component of reducing your carbon...
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10 Reasons Why a Smart Thermostat is Worth Investing In
The open market is very good at developing technological solutions in the form of Smart Appliances to...
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Is There A Strong Business Case To Pursue Leasing Zero Energy Buildings?
Carmichael, Cara, and Alisa Petersen. Best Practices for Leased Net-Zero Energy Buildings: An actionable...
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Top 5 Characteristics of Future ESCOs
Energy as a Cost vs. Revenue? If property owners are increasingly experiencing economic pain as the environmental...
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 5 Cost-Saving Steps to an Energy-Efficient Commercial Building
An Assessment of Your Key Needs Determines Your Path to Zero Energy Like energy-efficient homes, energy-efficient...
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Steps to Create an Energy-Independent Home
As technology advances, the future of energy will become more accessible than we realize.  Creating an...
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Can I Afford an Electric Car? EV Tax Credits and Ways to Save
Maybe you want to buy an electric vehicle because you want to do your part for the planet. Maybe the...
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7 Reasons to Buy An EV: Your Guide to the Best Electric Cars
A recent survey found that nearly 66% of Americans are open to purchasing an electric car, motorcycle...
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7 Valuable Reasons Electric Cars Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Electric Cars are Part of Our Sustainable Future Electric cars are a crucial part of America’s sustainable...
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10 Easy Tips to Adopt a Green Lifestyle
While we’ve discussed the benefits of sustainable living, one of the primary reasons people go green...
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9 Reasons Switching to Clean Energy is a Lifestyle Upgrade
Many people preach about living a sustainable lifestyle, but how sustainable is it really? When most...
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What Is Sustainable Living? 7 Ways To Start Living Sustainably
The Clean Energy Life uses its own conceptual framework to help ease the transition to The Clean Energy...
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9 Best Smart Home Devices that Save Energy
An estimated 32% of the US’s total greenhouse gas emissions come from burning fossil fuels for electricity...
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Three one dollar bills planted into dirt with leaves growing from them to represent the value of reducing carbon offsets.
How to Use Carbon Offsets to Reduce Travel Emissions
Climate science is incredibly complex, and managing the human impact on the planet is challenging while...
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How to Reduce Food Waste and Your Carbon Footprint
A major part of reducing our carbon footprint is not just about cutting our consumption but also about...
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How the Low-Carbon Diet Reduces Your Carbon Footprint
Do we need to go on a diet to save the planet? Not quite.  We’re sure as soon as you saw the word “diet,”...
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9 Ways to Reduce Your Foodprint
One industry that has struggled to become more sustainable is the supermarket. Between the pursuit of...
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Are Electric Vehicles Practical? Why Upgrade to an EV
Electric vehicles have advanced significantly since the first Hybrid hit the market in 1997 and will...
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7 Ways to Power Your Home with Renewable Energy Sources
When we discussed ways to reduce your home energy consumption, we talked about installing solar panels...
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The Ultimate Guide to Federal Energy Tax Credits
There tends to be a lag between new technology and adoption by the masses. Take cell phones for example....
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Home Energy Efficiency: 15 Practical Steps to Cut Emissions
Utilizing existing technologies to lower household carbon emissions and electric consumption is often...
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How to Travel More Sustainably | 10 Easy Steps
Part of being a Clean Energy Lifer is enjoying clean and eco-friendly travel. While there are many new...
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reduce carbon footprint - earth on fire
A Guide on How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Climate change may be a complex issue with several variables, but switching to The Clean Energy Life...
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How to Calculate Your Carbon Footprint
Now that you understand what your carbon footprint is, it’s time to calculate your carbon footprint. Fortunately,...
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Understanding Your Personal Carbon Footprint
The path to a net-zero carbon world does not need to be politicized or require massive sacrifices backward...
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