A Guide on How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Climate change may be a complex issue with several variables, but switching to The Clean Energy Life is about simplicity and savings. 

Now that you understand your carbon footprint and have used a carbon footprint calculator to measure your carbon emissions, it’s time to work on steps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Naturally, a major obstacle to switching to a Clean Energy Life is the inertia and skepticism accompanying any change. However, as we’ll demonstrate throughout this guide, transitioning to a greener and cleaner lifestyle is not only beneficial to the planet but also easy, affordable, and accessible. 

Reduce, Electrify and Replace

To ease the transition into a Clean Energy Lifestyle, we’ve devised a simple formula of the steps individuals must take to make the change.

Another acronym we’ve adopted to help reduce your carbon footprint is the C.A.R.E.S model:

Apply these values to the following sections to discover areas where you can reduce carbon emissions and live a cleaner energy life. 

Reducing Carbon Footprint In Travel

Travel is the largest anthropogenic sector of carbon emissions in the United States. Luckily, there are several strategies to reduce our reliance on gas-guzzling passenger cars and to take advantage of existing technology to reduce our emissions.


Passenger cars are the largest source of pollution and emissions in the travel sector. Here are some ways to reduce emissions while traveling in a car:

Electric Vehicles: EVs

In terms of electrifying, there is no better option than an EV. However, are electric vehicles practical or affordable?

Lots of EVs are now available for around $20,000-$30,000 and cost significantly less to run and maintain than comparably-priced gas-powered sedans. Furthermore, many EVs can operate for as much as 400-600 miles, which is on par with a top-end gas-powered sedan. It’s never been easier or more practical to switch to an EV than ever before. Plus, according to studies by energy.gov, you will save up to half the money over the life of an EV on powering it than you would on purchasing gas for an equivalent vehicle.


Unfortunately, planes like the Eviation Alice all-electric plane are still a few years out. In the meantime, to try to cut your carbon footprint through flying, be sure to note the following:

Shopping Sustainably

Shopping is another area where embodied carbon, transportation, and waste all collide to impact our carbon footprint.

Electrification and Energy Efficiency

Upgrading old and outdated electric appliances offer an easy way to reduce electricity costs:

Heating and Cooling

Air conditioning accounts for 3.94% of all global greenhouse gas emissions, and home heating accounts for almost 20% of all carbon emissions in the US.

Replacing Your Diet: The Low Carbon Diet

What we eat constitutes a massive part of our carbon footprints. Finding ways to reduce the embodied carbon of the food we eat can help us massively cut our carbon footprints and even make our food supply chains more sustainable. 

Fortunately, switching to the low-carbon diet is the easiest diet you’ll ever try. Here are some tips.

Using Renewables

Accessing renewable energy to help reduce your carbon footprint is much easier than you may think. However, it will require more workaround than many of these other tips. 

Continuing Your Carbon Footprint Reduction Journey

As you explore these options to reduce your carbon footprint, you’ll find that the benefits outweigh any perceived costs or inconveniences.

We can’t fail to mention that there are several additional areas where people can limit their carbon consumption, from reducing their activities to becoming vegetarian. 

However, transitioning to The Clean Energy Life is about upgrading your standard of living and enjoying new technology that benefits our health and our planet. 

So as you move along this journey, you will find plenty of opportunities, from travel to dieting, where you will start to consciously think about the decisions you make, their impact, and the savings you can achieve by following the advice you learn on your clean energy journey. 

Welcome to The Clean Energy Life, and find additional ways to make the transition on our website.

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