9 Reasons Switching to Clean Energy is a Lifestyle Upgrade

Many people preach about living a sustainable lifestyle, but how sustainable is it really?

When most people think of clean and renewable energy, they think of solar panels that only work in some parts of the country or an EV that can’t take them past their hometown.

However, recent advancements in technology have shattered these clean energy myths and actually made the switch to clean energy more affordable and appealing than ever.

Our founder Warren Evans has referred to it as upgrading from the first world to the zero-world–the future that people once imagined we’d be living in fifty years ago. And while we don’t have flying cars yet, we do have technology that allows us to collect endless energy and power our entire lives with it.

Let’s explore nine ways that switching to clean energy can help promote a sustainable lifestyle and upgrade your standard of living.

Increased Savings

It’s true that many clean energy appliances, such as solar panels and EVs, come with a huge price tag.

However, many of these upgrades pay for themselves in as little as ten years (solar) and cost less in repairs and maintenance over time than their counterparts.

Furthermore, clean energy tax credits for solar, electric vehicles, and household HVAC units have made transitioning to clean energy more affordable than ever.

Just imagine being able to cut fuel costs for your car entirely out of your budget or even your utility bill.

The best part is the more you upgrade your lifestyle, the more the benefits compound. While switching to an EV will increase your electricity costs, these can be offset by charging your car with solar panels.

In some cases, you can even sell back your excess solar energy to your provider, earning you a slight profit.

We’ve listed all of the ways below that switching to renewable-powered and clean energy devices can benefit your wallet.

Greater Convenience

Cost-savings are not the only convenience earned from adopting The Clean Energy Life.

We want people to visualize what it truly would be like to own an EV and charge your car without ever going to a gas station again. Every morning you can wake up with a full battery and hop straight from your bed to your car without making any stops.

On the other hand, when you power your home with solar and a backup battery, you’ll never have to worry about grid outages again.

Upgrading to energy-efficient smart controls like a programmable thermostat will ensure that you always return home to a comfortable, climate-controlled home.

There are several other products we can describe, but you get the point. Upgrading to energy-efficient or renewable devices is not just about saving money but also living a more lavish lifestyle of greater convenience.

Nicer Appliances

Listen, as Americans, we like our stuff. We may be a little too materially driven, but we get excited every time the new iPhone or toy comes out.

Similarly, once you drive in something as luxurious as a new EV, it’s difficult to go back to a gas-guzzling sedan. Take Tesla for example, which features incredible add-ons, such as Ludricous mode, Sentry mode, a touchscreen infotainment system, WiFi, and a monitoring system that will alert you if you’re falling asleep at the weel.

Likewise, installing smart controls, like programmable thermostats, smart locks, and smart appliances, makes your home more comfortable and secure.

As we like to state, switching to a sustainable lifestyle is not about ditching your material possessions. Often, it simply means upgrading them for nicer ones.

Cleaner Air

One aspect that a lot of people take for granted is their air quality and health. It’s easy not to notice the exhaust fumes you breathe in every day from gas-powered appliances and vehicles, but it does impact your health.

Switching to devices that run on clean energy produces not only less overall emissions but also cleaner ones. In many cases, like driving an EV, you will have no direct emissions at all and be able to enjoy clean air inside your cabin or when you roll the window down on an empty road.

A More Comfortable Home

On a sensory level, one of the biggest changes you’ll notice after upgrading to The Clean Energy Life is how comfortable your home will become. For example, after implementing upgrading your insulation and installing a programmable thermostat, you’ll notice fewer drafts during the winter and a warmer home for cheaper.

Another form of pollution we take for granted is noise pollution. Upgrading to devices like heat pumps make for a quieter home that is more relaxing than a traditional furnace or AC unit.

Gain a Green Thumb

We cannot overstate the impact that switching to clean energy and adopting a sustainable lifestyle has on the planet. 

One statistical model found that driving an electric car in Europe emitted three times less carbon than a standard petrol car. 

Similarly, studies have shown that an acre of solar panels can offset more carbon than an acre of trees, and a hectare of solar panels could deliver between 48 and 112 times more driving distance than an acre of corn for biofuel. 

Of course, there are other ways to gain a green thumb by living a sustainable lifestyle, such as planting your own food, composting, and contributing to carbon-offsetting projects that restore local forests. 

Positive Vibes

While it may sound a little gen-Z to label a benefit as “positive vibes,” we think it’s appropriate to discuss the psychological impact of transitioning to clean and sustainable energy.

Promoting a positive feeling of change and goal completion can have significant psychological effects on your mood and productivity.

With many people, we find that once they embark upon The Clean Energy Life journey, it’s difficult for them to slow down or stop. Each little bit of savings and energy reduction provides rich financial and psychological rewards that make us feel better about ourselves.

The psychological benefits of this can translate into so many other areas of our lives and enrich them in ways we don’t even know. That’s why we recommend everyone at least research and attempt to do what they can to make this switch, even if it’s just for your own benefit.

Grid Independence

Grid independence is one of the final stages of transitioning entirely to The Clean Energy Life. Being able to take full control of your utilities when prices are volatile, rolling blackouts are real, and so much of your life depends on electricity is a major game changer. And you don’t need to be a doomsday prepper to see the benefits of this.

As fossil fuels become increasingly entangled in global politics and scarce, it’s safer and smarter to achieve full grid independence using the resources we have available now.

You’ll need to invest in a renewable energy source, like solar, and purchase a backup battery, like the Tesla Powerwall, to accomplish this feat. But once you invest in these, you will be set up for a long time.

Live a Sustainable Lifestyle

Add up all of these benefits, and you’ve achieved a truly sustainable lifestyle that is financially and psychologically rewarding.

Not only will you leave a better world for your children, but you will also have more money and nicer things to leave to them so they can bask in your achievements.

It may require some time and patience, but once you make the transition to The Clean Energy Life, you’ll find that the benefits are tangible, long-lasting, and more significant than any other upgrade you can make in your life.

After making the same transition ourselves, we wanted to communicate just how dramatic the switch to clean energy, and a sustainable lifestyle could be.

Hopefully, after reading about these benefits and exploring The Clean Energy Life, you will feel motivated to make the switch.

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