The Benefits of The Clean Energy Life | Take the ‘L.E.E.P.’

As we explained in our first article, the benefits of clean energy are very tangible for homeowners. Between reduced utility bills and a reduction in carbon emissions, going green and clean is easily attainable and highly beneficial.

However, we understand that this often isn’t enough to convince many people to switch to an energy efficient lifestyle with The Clean Energy Life. There are many environmentally conscious ways we can improve our lives with a little willpower and spending; it doesn’t mean we will do those things.

While financial rewards are a big piece of the pie, we want to convey just how important and life-changing The Clean Energy Life can be.

That’s why we have coined the term “taking the L.E.E.P.” But it’s not really a leap of faith. Rather, once you make the switch, you’ll ask yourself, “why didn’t I do this sooner?”

So let’s discuss what the L.E.E.P. truly is and how the benefits of clean energy will change your life forever.

What is the 'L.E.E.P'

The L.E.E.P. (lifestyle, economic, environmental, and personal) is an acronym we have coined at The Clean Energy Life to describe four different areas where transitioning to clean and renewable energy can benefit you.

Let’s discuss these four areas in more detail below.


Ask someone whether they’d like more time or money, and they’ll often say the latter; but why not both?

One advantage of upgrading to something like an electric car that no one thinks about is the amount of time and money you save from avoiding gas stations.

Another way to look at it is that the money you save from reducing your energy consumption will give you more time to do the things you want. This means more vacations or less work required to save as much money.

Furthermore, waking up every morning with a fully charged battery without any worry if your car will make it to its destination is simply priceless.

Some Clean Energy Lifers have even found that simple devices like the Home Energy Monitor can be positively addicting, as you always discover new ways to shave off zeros from your electric bill.

All-in-all, the benefits of upgrading to The Clean Energy Life are akin to advancing to a new standard of living. We’ve even referred to this as a zero-world standard of living (the zero being an upgrade to our first world standard of living as well as no carbon emissions).

Let’s just think about it.

Having a brand-new, advanced, zero emissions electric car is a significant lifestyle upgrade. So too is having grid independence with a solar panel and backup battery.

In sum, the comfort, independence, savings, and time you save from going green are all lifestyle upgrades.


If you had to work less and save more money, would that give you more time to do the things you like?

We talked briefly before about the benefits of saving time and money and yes the savings are really dramatic. For example someone who charges their EV with a solar panel, can cut their fuel costs down from hundreds to around $50 a month.

Furthermore, electronic goods tend to last longer and require fewer repairs and maintenance as compared to gas-powered alternatives.

We can even include something more critical, such as always having power during a blackout if you have a battery backup in your home that stores solar power. This means you’ll never have downtime if you work from home or operate an online business.

Lastly, tracking your energy usage with smart monitors and thermostats allows you to uncover additional opportunities for savings and reduce your consumption when it’s unnecessary.


The collective fight against climate change starts with individual action including practicing an environmentally sustainable lifestyle, which is what The Clean Energy Life empowers us to do.

By taking the LEEP, you are making the first step to reducing your carbon footprint and signaling your willingness to change and do your part to protect the environment.


Finally, personal benefits can encompass a wide variety of perks, from breathing cleaner air in your home to feeling satisfied with your impact on the planet.

Transitioning to The Clean Energy Life is a form of goal completion that will give us as individuals a sense of achievement that also produces other tangible benefits for our collective well-being.

Overall, the psychological impact of saving more money, upgrading your lifestyle, and helping the environment will pay dividends in our personal and professional lives.

Visualizing the Clean Energy Life: A Day in the Life

To truly visualize the benefits of The Clean Energy Life, we need to explore the different ways your life will evolve as a result.

For example, you can imagine waking up and arriving home every day to a nice warm or cool, climate-controlled room thanks to your smart thermostat. And with every appliance you use, from your water heater to your toaster, it will all be charged with your solar panels, and any excess energy will be stored in your battery for nighttime.

Say goodbye to fueling up at gas stations as you wake up every morning for work with a fully charged car equipped that will always reliably get you to your destination.

On those occasions you need to fuel up at a charging station, you can get out, stretch, and automatically recline your seat, watch your favorite streaming videos or listen to a podcast or audiobook from your WiFi-connected touchscreen. Plus, your road trips will require fewer fuel stops, and you’ll be able to drive long distances without stopping.

Just simple things like having a warm car in the winter without inhaling exhaust fumes will soon be taken for granted, and that’s more than ok, it’s a health benefit.

Best of all, when you’re not home, your smart devices will start making adjustments to conserve energy by shutting down lights and turning down your thermostat, so you aren’t just throwing money away. But when you get home, you can rest assured your home will be nice and toasty.

It may be difficult to convey the numerous ways your life will change, but we can promise you that once it does, you can never imagine going back to your life beforehand.

Take the 'L.E.E.P.' Today

Ask anyone who’s ever moved to a better town or city, and most will tell you it was the best decision they ever made and that they couldn’t even picture going back.

In many ways, adopting The Clean Energy Life is just as transformative as moving to a better place.

Between the added conveniences, the cleaner emissions, and the economic benefits, The Clean Energy Life promotes an environmentally-friendly lifestyle upgrade and independence that most people have always dreamed about.

If you want to learn ways to transition to become a Clean Energy Lifer, be sure to go back and read our first article, as well as Ways Every Individual can Take Advantage of The Clean Energy Life.

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